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Double Braided Nylon Ropes

Strongest double braid general purpose rope available. Made from Hi-Tenacity tire cord nylon yarns. This rope is a balanced construction and thus non-rotational and torque free. Very good abrasion resistance. The rope will stretch about 20%, allowing it to absorb shock action (such as wave action). Resistant to rot, mildew, oils, gas and most chemicals. Very good UV resistance. Loses about 5% of its strength when wet.

Double Braided Polyester Ropes

Very strong double braid general purpose rope. Made from Hi-Tenacity tire cord polyester yarns. This rope is a balanced construction and thus non-rotational and torque free. Excellent abrasion resistance. The rope will stretch about 15%, allowing it to absorb some shock action. Resistant to rot, mildew, oils, gas and most chemicals. Excellent UV resistance. No strength loss when wet.

Benefits of our Double Braids :

Braided evenly with uniform cross section.
Absorption of energy is many times greater than natural fiber ropes of the same size like manila or sisal.
More flexible than conventional Hawser Laid (twisted) ropes.
Flexibility is maintained at lower as well as higher temperatures.
Very strong especially under snatch conditions.
Recover well after extension.
Better grip handling & do not kink
Nylon Double Braids Manufactured to BIS Specification IS-12733-1989 & BS 4928-1985.


River Crossing
Route marking

6 24 930
8 40 1420
10 71 2670
12 95 3120
14 119 4240
16 159 5390
18 214 6860
21 285 9320
24 387 12450
28 486 17650
32 635 21570
36 804 26480


Innovations to lead the way Range covers Polypropylene to UHMWPE Performance durability & quality built to last.
Our range covers ropes from Polypropylene, Polyester and  UHMWPE Fibres.
Performance durability & quality built to last.
Painter lines
Sail Ties
Anchor warps
Rigging lines
In haul lines

Main Sheets available Matt & Shiny Finish :
Size (mm)
Matt BS (kgf)
Shiny BS (kgf)
8 1000 1200
10 1400 2000
12 1600 2800

Sea worthy ropes must be able to withstand the elements, including moisture, the sun's rays and in some cases, salt or even freezing rain. Sailboat lines made from durable, high-quality materials can help ensure greater satisfaction, whether the voyage is a pleasure cruise or a highly competitive race.

That’s why we sell carefully-selected sailboat sheets featuring trusted braiding or weaving techniques. For example, double-braid polyester line is an excellent choice for jib, spinnaker and main halyards.

The type of sailing you’re planning also affects the choice of rope. For example, for day sailing, double-braid polyester should be adequate for most boats.


Most modern ropes are made of two components – a core that takes the bulk of the load, accounting for up to 95 per cent of the rope’s strength, and a protective outer cover that provides abrasion resistance, protection from sunlight and so on. In the past the cover was also responsible for improving handling and comfort, but for performance boats this is now often sacrificed in favour of a small performance benefit. Some lines are used without a cover, particularly high-strength control lines, but these will normally have a coating that improves handling characteristics and provides some protection against ultra-violet radiation.

In racing only four or five major fibres are used for rope, which may be blended together in different ways to produce lines that are optimised for each function. Polyester is the most common single material.

Our ropes sheets will take you where you want to go..

Double Braid Polyester line : is definitively the most popular lines out there. Extremely durable and easy to splice, is the best choice for cruising sailboats. It will handle medium to high loads of Polyester and Nylon sails at the best price per meter.

Rigging Lines
Painter Lines
Spinnaker halyards
Topping lifts
Traveller control lines
Inhaul Lines
Main and Jib halyards on cruising and daysailing sailboats.

Properties of rope fibres

Material Stretch Typical Use
medium to high
lightweight floating line used for man overboard recovery and occasionally as core for lightweight sheets on small boats. Poor UV resistance.
Nylon very high anchor rode
Polyester fairly high / moderate docklines, cruising halyards and sheets, low load control lines
UHMWPE and  other aramids very low halyards, sheets and control lines for dinghies and larger raceboats


Military Use
Industrial Use
Luggage & Thermo ware
Lifting Purpose
Adventure Sports (Slack Lining, Harness)
Curing tapes
Features :
Made from Virgin material only
Widths available are ranging from 8mm to 100mm
Better finish, strength, color and design
Assured longer life

Our Products

They are made to each of our customers individual specifications. We also weave military specification webbings and commercial versions of military specifications.

Broken yarn filaments

This indicates the use of poorly maintained machinery or lack of yarn finish. This defect will result in lower strength (because a portion of the rope is already broken), greater stretch, premature wear and more rapid degradation.

High or low strands

This indicates the use of poorly maintained machinery or lack of yarn finish. This defect will result in lower strength (because a portion of the rope is already broken), greater stretch, premature wear and more rapid degradation.

Looped strands

This defect is usually caused by unequal yarn tensioning in the manufacturing process and results in the same problems as mentioned above.

Strand twist

All braided ropes should be constructed using clockwise and counter-clockwise twisted strands (referred to as “S” twist and “Z” twist in the trade). The reason for this design is to orient all of the fine yarn filaments parallel to the longitudinal axis of the rope allowing them to be combed rather than plucked, snagged and broken when dragged over a rough surface as they would be if they were at an angle or were at an angel or perpendicular to the axis of rope.

Properly Rope Size Selection

It is important for a rope to maintain the proper size while under load. Undersized rope presents less surface area to winch and sheave surfaces thereby requiring less yarn to bear more load. Undersized rope may require more wraps to develop the same holding power on a winch. This is especially true when the rope is wet or used in self-tailers. Undersize rope may perform poorly in various cam cleats and halyard stoppers. Check the weight per meter specifications to compare sizes of ropes made with similar materials.


There is no reason to accept rope from a manufacturer with grease or oil spots. While it may not seriously affect performance, it is an indication of lack of commitment of quality and inspection.


Removal of Rope from Coils
Uncoil from inside to prevent kinking
Never stand in line with rope under tension. Recoil under rope failure leads to physical injury.
Never overload a rope.
Avoid ropes showing signs of ageing & wear.
Discard rope if :
Sheath is extremely worn.
Rope has been subjected to extreme loads.
Rope is very dirty & dirt remains after washing.
Sheath shows damage & core visible.

Thanawala & co. manufactures specific design Polyester Double braid ropes is suited for the most harshest conditions and will hold up to any task required. These polyester ropes are easy to splice, high strength with special hard wearing covers designed for longer duration. We specialize in an exceptional range of double braided polyester ropes, intricately designed for extreme durability and fit for any purpose with over years of experience and leading suppliers in Mumbai and across India. Polyester ropes have good strength and extension characteristics, and are easy to handle and knot allowing them to be used in a wide range of general and industrial applications

Nylon Rope Manufacturers in India

We pride ourselves in the ability to develop return customers who need a quality product, service, at good prices.This process has seen Thanawala & Co. grow year to year since it’s start in 1986. Our product range is always growing. This growth is driven by our customer’s needs and of course the new machinery investments we have made along the way. With great price we say that we are one of the foremost nylon rope manufacturers in india

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