We are pioneers in manufacturing of braided, double braided and Kevlar Ropes in India.

Welcome to Thanawala & Co.

Founded in 1986, Thanawala & Co. (Erstwhile M. BEST Cotton Rope Mfg. Co., Est. 1909) has always been on the forefront of rope innovation. We have been pioneers of manufacturing Kevlar (Aramid Ropes) in India, since 1986-87. Our strong R&D base has given us the privilege to be represented at the Bureau of Indian Standards Committee.

Our varied range of products encompasses all types of braided, double braided, twisted ropes, cordages, tapes and webbings. Our products are widely used for Parachutes, Aerial Delivery Systems, Anchor lines, Mooring lines and Tow lines. Having abundance of industry exposure & expertise the company started with supply to the defense sector mainly cordages for parachute usage.

Thanawala & Co., Mumbai, is at the forefront of rope innovation, combining the latest rope-making technologies with strong and durable materials. An unwavering focus on delivering quality has won Thanawala & Co. the trust of both OEM and aftermarket customers all across India. We are represented at various Bureau of Indian Standards Committees primarily due to our strong R&D base. One of our major achievements being in the year 1986-87, we developed Kevlar Balloon tethers for ISRO.

Founders of Thanawala & Co.

Upendra K. Thanawala

Upendra, was working with M. Best Cotton Rope Mfg. Co. from 1967 to 1985 and has remarkable experience in the Rope Manufacturing Industry for over 50 years. He, along with Hemal have founded Thanawala& Co. and have taken rope manufacturing to exceptional heights.

Hemal M. Thanawala

Hemal, a qualified Masters in Micro Biology from University of Mumbai, is one of the Founders of Thanawala& Co. He has decades of experience in the Rope Manufacturing Industry and has also researched and pioneered Aramid Ropes in India.

Our Products

Adventure Sports Ropes

Take it to the extreme with adventure sports. For the adrenaline junkies on a quest of excitement, adventure sports tops their list. Be it abseiling, ballooning, rafting, paragliding, our ropes are made for all varieties of sports.

Our ropes even found its way to the summit of Mount Everest in 1965 under Edmund Hillary & Tenzing Norgay These ropes are made with high safety factors and built to perform.

Defence Application Ropes

“Sturdy, serviceable and lasting” our ropes have maintained stellar standards since World war I and II, where they were used on the battle fields.

Being special application ropes, they are made strictly as per Army / Navy / Airforce specifications.

General Use Ropes

Our ropes for general use are durable, versatile, and built to last. These undergo a strict quality check.

New fibers with advance engineering techniques are widening the applications areas further. Double braided ropes form a major chunk of our utility ropes.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of braided ropes to standard and custom specifications, extruding polypropylene and polyethylene yarns on site. We cater to all types of braided rope needs. This include versatile ropes that could be used for anchor lines, mooring lines, tow lines, running rigging repairs and replacements. Thanawala and co. is at the forefront of rope innovation, combining the latest rope-making technologies with strong and durable materials across mumbai India.

We are one of renown manufacturers of Braided & double Braided ropes in Mumbai, India


Report from Himalayan Mountaineering Institute for our ropes.

Expedition to Mount Everest 1965 satisfactory certificate for using our ropes by Indian Mountaineering Foundation.

Aerial Delivery Research & Development Estt Agra recommendation for Aramid Ropes,Tapes.
The Aerial Delivery Research & Development Establishment ( ADRDE), Agra has informed that you are the leading manufacturer of various Para-Aramid (Kevlar) textile products in the country - Director & Head(Textile), Bureau Of Indian Standards, New Delhi.


  • 3 strand
  • 4 strand
  • 8 strand
  • 12 strand
  • Double braid
  • Kernmantle Rope
  • Solid Braid Rope (Sash Cord)
  • Combination Rope
  • Hollow braid
  • Diamond Braid
  • Parallel Core Rope
  • Flat Braided Rope

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ISO Certificate

CE Certificate

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